When Love wins!

Absolutely beautiful and emotional wedding of Colm and Adriano must be one of my best yet. The joy of Love winning above everything else made this day very, very special for everybody.  The fantastic location also helped produce lovely wedding photographs and capture the atmosphere of that magical day.  For more information and photos of the Andaz Hotel please follow the link. The staff were very helpful and professional and this is all you need to make sure your wedding day will be stress-free, and exactly as you planned.


I think I’m extremely lucky and to be able to witness the most important moments of my couples lives. Witness all the happiness, tears and joy of the moments that will happen only once and never again. Memories can fade with time but photographs are always there to make sure all the details are captured for a lifetime and beyond.



Unfortunately, I don’t have any details regarding that stunning cake and gorgeous flowers but felt I have to show them to you. If you would like to know more details I’m sure I can link you up to the right suppliers.



And the cake..? OMG the cake!!


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