The Donkey Box Bar

Hello, I’m Jordan


I’m 22 and live in the beautiful seaside town, Ilfracombe, North Devon I left school with one GCSE pass in English. I was bullied throughout most of the secondary school, had very little confidence, and had no idea what I was going to do once I had left. I went to my local college, Petroc, with still no idea, until I was sent on a work placement to work in a local pub, it was then I realized that I was quite interested in bar work, and was really enjoying it, after a few weeks. Nick, the landlord sent me off to take my personal bar license exam, it was the best thing anyone could of done for me, I passed it, and for once felt quite confident.



Unfortunately, my work experience finished, and there were no vacancies for me to carry on working with Nick, so I had to leave, but it was start of the summer, so I managed to get work at a local holiday park, I have been there a few years now and managed to work my way up to team leader. Very busy during peak season, but very enjoyable!




It was about 12 months ago, I realized there were no mobile bars in my area, and there was definitely an opening in the market for one, so, I started looking to see which was the best way forward. Living in Devon, there are a lot of ‘rustic’ vintage type wedding venues, so converting a horse box seemed ideal! I managed to buy one that was in good condition and sound, and with my dad’s help, we started working on it straight away. It was starting to look good, and as time went on it was beginning to look more like a bar and less like a horse box! It took several months, a lot of imagination, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but in the end it came out perfectly and much better than I thought it would, hence, we now have the Donkey Box Bar. I had my first booking and it all went very well, it was a beautiful day, and for our first booking, I was very pleased with how it all turned out, I have a couple more bookings locally, and am looking forward to filling my diary up in the future!



Me and my girlfriend after the first event!


donkey box devon



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