A ceilidh! What’s all the excitement about?

Of course, it’s all about you, it’s your big day and you want one to remember. Have you thought about what your guests will remember? The weather? The quirky photographer? The dress?

For many guests its probably going to be the food and the funny.

Food wise, you can sample the menu; the canapes, the wedding breakfast and those scrumptious nibbles mid-way through the evening all well in advance.

The funny, well that’s your entertainment. How during the evening- after the meal, (and especially if you have more guests joining in the evening) they connect with each other? Your family, your friends, your partners family and friends. Whether you have thirty or three hundred guests. No doubt these folks have come from near and far to be there and share your day. To be part of your special memories.


What about the entertainment?

What about a ceilidh? And what is Schuggies-Ceilidhs?


Ceilidhs (pronounced “Kay-Lay”) are of Scottish/Irish heritage and back in the day were social gatherings in folk houses or halls. Lots of dancing, music, singing, storytelling and a wee dram to pass away the long dark evenings.

For weddings, ceilidhs dances are an awesome way to celebrate your big day. Ceilidhs are a real enabler to encourage your guests to engage and socialize with each other. Ceilidhs aren’t technical, you don’t need to know what to do or be confident on your rights and lefts. Its one of the few pleasures in life where mistakes are encouraged.

Ceilidhs cross cultural divides and ages, we regularly get testimonials from the couples who love seeing the age range on the floor (4-84). Children, parents, grandparents all joining in and enjoying themselves together.

Modern ceilidhs are gender neutral, inclusive so nobody needs to feel self-conscious and anyone with physical or mental challenges are more than capable of joining in. As the night progresses, your guests will become ceilidh ninjas and they will be talking about your wedding and how awesome it was for a long time.



I’m Schuggie from @Schuggies-Ceilidhs and host of your evening. That means Calling the dances, in other words directing the evening and talking the dancers through the move- left, right, hop, floss that sort of thing. In fact, ceilidhs are one of the few activities you get encouraged to floss– without much ridicule! It also includes managing your running order for the evening. If you are cutting the cake halfway through, throwing the bouquet, sparklers, fireworks, your fond farewell if you are ducking out early. I make sure that all gets taken care of.

Back to me, originally from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, real Outlander country. I have made the East Midlands home for the last fifteen years. I have a young family, two boys- Archie and Hamish. Both very keen dancers. My wife gets involved as well and is a much better dancer. She manages to keep the three of us under control. Whilst having done Scottish Country Dancing in the past, my ceilidhs started after getting requests for simple, fun non-technical social dances.


devon weddings


That then created the Nottingham Ceilidh Club and from there after getting requests for weddings and parties Schuggies-Ceilidhs began.

As a side note, my MacInnes clan crest has a bow and arrow on it so I may have some long list link with Nottingham’s famous Robin Hood legend- who knows!

I knew I was creating something special. My bookings increased through word of mouth and when other wedding industry professionals started both recommending me and booking me for their weddings a whole new career opened up for me.

Whilst I still do a lot of solo ceilidhs (bit like a disco but much more social), I also work with a number of incredible ceilidh bands like The Big Moose Ceilidh Band. I can cater for all types of line ups for fiddlers, accordions, bagpipers including cover songs, guitars, and drums.

Booking the right entertainment will make sure your dancefloor is full and your guests are socializing together. Ceilidhs, even if you haven’t been to one before and only ever seen them on Netflix or YouTube shouldn’t put you off. They encourage dancing and laughing together definitely that social aspect we all need in this digital age.



So, will ceilidhs be right for you?


Whether you’re a couple who have everything planned out right down to the choreography of your first dance or you don’t know where to start. A ceilidh and the right Ceilidh Caller– who in addition to the dances is your host or MC for the evening who pulls the running order together building those precious memories. That’s where I come in and have the experience to pull your ideas together- even if you shudder at being the center of attention- don’t worry, I’ve got evening plan options that take away the nervousness and anxiety of it all. Leaving you both free to relax and enjoy your evening.


Top tips. What do you need to think of when booking a ceilidh?


  • You definitely need a Caller to direct the action and run the evening for you. Even if you are having a ceilidh north of the border or your guests are down from the Black Isle– the last time most of them will have done a ceilidh was at school. So, make sure you have a Caller. That way the entertainment happens around you- you relax and enjoy yourselves.
  • Ceilidh bands are made up of excellent musicians. Try to get along one of their dances– or at least check out their testimonials online. Do they have their own band of ceilidh ninjas? Are there lots of them? Do they all rave about the band and the Caller? Spoiler alert; be wary of fake news. Can you contact the couples who have left the testimonials directly? Quite easy if it’s through social media.
  • Make sure they are geared up for wedding entertainment- Have they got a Google My Business page that reflects what they can deliver? Have they got Public Liability Insurance? Does their agent/manager talk about things like first aid provision, risk assessments? The background stuff that needs to happen to keep your guests safe and how the ceilidh fits into your running order. Can they provide everything your Wedding Insurance requires?
  • What tips can the Caller give you at the booking stage- use that initial consultation so you build a relationship with them.

My final tip, this is ceilidh ninja stuff for brides’ eyes only at this stage ?. When you begin to think of the evening and think of that special dress. Grooms look away now!




Think about how you will dance in it. When it’s being made and when you have your fittings. Discuss this with your wedding dress designer so they can build in discreet buttons, loops and twisty things to make sure you won’t be tripping over it on the dancefloor. The same goes for your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Watch our short YouTube video to see us in action

Contact me today and lets plan your fun filled wedding day together! Bonus – claim your 20% off quoting “TeeReskah”!

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